DMCA Policy

DMCA represents Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a U.S. copyright law. It tends to the rights and commitments of proprietors of copyrighted material who accept their privileges under U.S. copyright law have been encroached, especially yet not constrained to, on the Internet.

DMCA explicitly addresses the rights and commitments of OSP/ISP (Internet Service Providers) on whose servers or systems the encroaching material might be found.

Despite the fact that DMCA is copyright law in the USA our administration isn’t selective to the US as it were. has worked with webhosting or web copyright or Intellectual Property Copyright forms inside most nations all through the world. Our takedown contacts are in all the major facilitating nations.

We regard the protected innovation privileges of others. Any individual who accepts their work has been replicated in a manner that comprises copyright encroachment may advise our operator by giving the accompanying data:

  • ID of the copyrighted work that you guarantee has been encroached, or, if various copyrighted works at a solitary online website are secured by a solitary notice, an agent rundown of such works at the webpage

  • Distinguishing proof of the material that you guarantee is encroaching and should be evacuated, including a depiction of where it is found with the goal that the copyright specialist can find it

  • Your location, phone number, and, if accessible, email address, with the goal that the copyright specialist may get in touch with you about your grievance

  • A marked articulation that the above data is exact; that you have a decent confidence conviction that the distinguished utilization of the material isn’t approved by the copyright proprietor, its operators, or the law; and, under punishment of prevarication, that you are the copyright proprietor or are approved to follow up for the copyright proprietor’s sake in this circumstance.

After getting such information we will act speedily to evacuate, or cripple access to, the material. If you don’t mind knowing that there are significant punishments for bogus cases.

On the off chance that a notification of copyright encroachment has been wrongly documented against you, you may present a counter notice to our operator. A legitimate counter warning is composed correspondence that consolidates the accompanying components:

  • A physical or electronic mark of the notice

  • ID of the material that has been expelled or to which access has been crippled and the area at which the material showed up before it was evacuated or access to it was impaired

  • An announcement under punishment of prevarication that you have a decent confidence conviction that the material was evacuated or incapacitated because of misstep or misidentification

  • Your name, address, and phone number; an explanation that you agree to the locale of government area court for the legal region in which your location is found, or if your location is situated outside of the U.S., for any legal region where the specialist organization might be found; and that you will acknowledge administration of procedure from the complainant.

Notification of the prior copyright issues ought to be sent as follows:

By mail : Peter
By e-mail :

In case you pull out of copyright encroachment by email, an operator may start researching the supposed copyright encroachment; be that as it may, we should get your marked explanation via mail or as a connection to your email before we are required to make any move.

This data ought not be interpreted as legitimate counsel. We prescribe you look for autonomous legitimate insight before recording a warning or counter-notice. For additional data about the DMCA, if you don’t mind visit the site of the United States Copyright Office at: